Calvi direction: Scandola


Scandola nature reserve is a little jewel of Corsica which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1975.

A land and marine reserve, it is brimming with treasures, and contributes to the preservation of species native to Corsica.

The beauty of its landscape and its riches make it an exceptional place.

From the entrance to the reserve, admire the cliffs which drop into the water, see the falcons and gulls building their nests, visit the caves, go inside the Punta Rossa cove and stop for a moment to swim with the fish who have no fear of you. Discover too the Scandola peninsula, formed of stones and rocks from an ancient volcano collapse.

There are some rules to follow, because increased tourist visits mean increased risks for the preservation of the reserve and its species.

Fishing is prohibited, and similarly it is not possible to come alongside the coves or to take souvenirs. Anchorage is only allowed in a certain area, as anchors can destroy the habitat of certain species.

Even though the fish swim with you and eat from your hand, they also eat everything you throw into the sea: cigarette butts, bags, rubbish, etc… Preserve them.


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