Calvi direction: Calvi


Calvi, a seaside city on the west coast of Corsica charms everyone thanks to its two aspects.

On one side, discover Calvi, “medieval city,” historic, authentic. Roam the old town with its sandstone cobbled streets. Discover the untouched, calm, relaxing inland landscape. Taste Corsican gastronomy with products from local producers.

On the other side, discover Calvi, a young, dynamic, and modern town where the parties attract the jetset from all over the world. You’ve certainly heard of “Calvi on the Rocks,” the electro-rock music festival over several days on the beaches and the waterfront. And well, that’s Calvi!
And yet, with two such different facets, Calvi brings together tourists of all kinds with its beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise water, around its port lined with cafés and restaurants. The city welcomes you in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


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